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Since 1898 GUND has been the destination for premium plush, including exiciting and innovative interactive soft toy characters that bring lots of fun and joy to children of all ages! Unique materials are used to produce quality and original products with unparalleled huggability that's unique, ageless in appeal and timeless in the hearts of consumers. GUND Fun animated motion characters will entertain as they sing, move and dance their way to your hearts! From Sammie the dog lounging on his side offering sound advice to "Don't Worry Be Happy!", through to Boris the bear singing "Hooked on a Feeling" as he holds up his fishing rod and catch of the day - there's a GUND Fun character to suit everyone.
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Unit 5, 13 -19 Coora Road
Oakleigh South
Victoria 3167

AU Local Call1300 881 940
NZ Local Call0800 527 576

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